World Citizenship Passports

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    South Africa
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The Problem

In this project, a group of 9 students (8 boys and me being the only girl), along with 4 staff from India, plan to go to Johannesburg in South Africa to provide world citizenship passports for the less fortunate. This is so that they feel better and encouraged. Through this project, we hope inculcate the values of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela as well: Peace, Truth and Ahimsa (Non-violence). Along with the passports, we plan to give them food for a couple of days.

Our Plan

Our group decided to print over 500 world citizenship passports with the consent of the government, both India and Africa and stamp them with the values of Gandhi and Mandela. We want to do this so that we can make the people of Johannesburg feel much more motivated and not so less fortunate. We are doing this to see them happy. Along with this, each students plans to make a speech, recite a poem or show their skills in a variety of areas to express their feelings about this project to the people of Johannesburg.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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