Willamette Wetland Education Project

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    West Linn, Oregon
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The Problem

Our wish is that the residents of West Linn will become educated about the Willamette Wetland and it’s important role in our watershed. We hope that people will hike the trails, take our brochure, and gain an interest in learning about, protecting and preserving this unique ecosystem for generations to come.

Our Plan

Our project will educate community members about our local wetland and the important role it plays in our watershed. We are designing a brochure that will explain what lives in the wetland, the history of it, why it's important, and what things individuals can do to preserve and protect it. We think if people become more educated about wetlands in general, they will want to preserve them. We are working with an eagle scout group to build a kiosk at the main trailhead. Once the kiosk and brochure are completed, we plan to advertise our work through an all school assembly, an article in the school newsletter and local paper, and signage at the entrance to the park. On Earth Day next spring, we will host a wetland clean-up day to share our work with the community and encourage others to become stewards of the wetland. We will also offer educational nature walks to younger classes at our school.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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