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The Problem

Connect, Share and Inspire! We strongly believe positive changes will only happen if we work together, not only with the public but also with our colleagues! Through experience, the Whalefish team has noticed that competition and individualism is often present among conservation scientists, inhibiting them to collaborate to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their conservation efforts. Therefore, the aim of this project is to promote collaboration, compassion, and sharing of ideas and knowledge among different stakeholders within the field of marine conservation.

Our Plan

www.whalefish.org Whalefish is an online initiative of 3 conservation biologists who believe we can only be effective in our effort is we truly work together, especially with our colleagues! Therefore we started a global network of marine scientists and professionals. With Whalefish we encourage transparency, collaboration and the sharing of information. Besides conducting our own research, we achieve the Whalefish goal by inviting people to tell us about their conservation efforts so we can promote them, offer online advise and information for young and old, promote the development of young scientists through featuring courses, volunteer projects and internships around the world, and we connect different stakeholders and fellow colleagues to promote a global network.

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We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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