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The Problem

Our wish is to learn to analyze the methods and materials used in packaging the daily school lunches. The next step would take the students into research on various packaging methods that are more earth-friendly and biodegradable. Next, the students would compile practical alternative packaging for each type of plastic, foam, or wasted packaging that is now being used by the restaurant. In a comparison list, the students would offer alternative packaging to be used by the restaurant to serve the lunches being ordered by the school students and faculty. The students would also plan an efficient collection process in which the biodegradable materials would be separated from the plastic packaging, (if any).

Our Plan

Our project would reduce the amount of plastic packaging used to assemble and serve the lunches at the school. This would be done in process steps from compiling a list of present containers used in an average month, to research on alternatives, then writing a comparison list of alternative packaging for each type of container, including pricing for bulk orders. Finally, the students would request a meeting with the restaurant managers to propose changes to the packaging used to assemble and serve lunches at our school. Within the school, teams will be formed to supplement the present cleaning crews of students at each lunch shift to separate and dispose of the containers that can now be recycled.

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