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The Problem

I wish for this project, so far only in California, to raise awareness for lions, hoping the awareness will spread to other states then all across the United Sates to help ban Canned Hunting in South Africa...because my dream is to save lions and to work with them in South Africa when I am older. I want to stop the horrible amount of lions in cages in captivity, stop canned hunting, stop human encroachment, and overall save lions from extinction. I hope this gets me to my dream or closer to it, which is to save lions. and I wish this project to become a force of strong and determined people that speak for the ones without voices. With that I hope this project will become a successful program. I wish those 2,000 wild lions left in the world go back up to their original population, 200,000 wild lions, and hope those 5,000 lions in those small cages in captivity are released into freedom and rejoin with their families once again and forever and ever.

Our Plan

My project, in the United States, will raise awareness for lions in South Africa to help save them from extinction and to stop the canned hunting industry forever in South Africa. See, the canned hunting industry is where lion cubs are raised in captivity and when they are too big to interact with tourists anymore they are released in an another enclosed area with no escapes just waiting for that horrible hunter to come by and to shoot them and take away his or her life. It is horrible and it needs to be stopped. My project will stop the source of the Canned Hunting Industry, which is the United States. The Canned Hunting Industry earns most of its money and hunters from the United States, which I want to stop. I live in California so I want to start raising awareness for the lions here, then I want the awareness to progress to other states, then for it to travel everywhere throughout the United States to stop the source the of this industry, initially banning the Canned Hunting Industry hopefully forever as long as the awareness stays alive and our force of determination and hard work stays firm and keeps progressing. I will raise this awareness by putting up flyers and banners everywhere, and also by using the internet... I have already created one youtube video for the lions so anyone in the world can watch it, but I really need help on publicity. I will keep working on new video ideas and how to get publicity as well. I also raise awareness by using Facebook and I have gotten in contact with my role model's, Kevin Richardson the Lion Whisperer's, wife, so that was a big step for me. I also have been trying to get in contact with the celebrity, Ellen Degeneres , hoping she would respond and raise awareness to her millions of fans out there, but she has not, but I will keep trying, and I will keep using the internet. However, no doubt in my mind that those flyers my cousin helped me make and put up raise just as much awareness as the internet. So by making a BUNCH of flyers saying save lions on them with a website that helps support lions wishing also to ban canned hunting, ( people anywhere near that area see them, talk about it, look at it and share far we have made about 55 flyers and put all of those flyers up in our neighborhood, on peoples mailboxes, and on stop signs in the four way intersection...but we just need bigger signs, which will conserve paper but will capture more attention and raise more awareness. Now I am still thinking of other ideas on raising awareness, even if it is just going up to peoples doors and telling them about it and educating them about it, it is the determination that I have that I won't give up on those trillions of animals out there that need my help, our help. That is what my project will do and that is how I will save the who is in it with me to help save lions!!!

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