Protecting Rainforests in Ecuador

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The Problem

Rainforests and nature habitats for frogs and other animals are being cut down- and Justin is focusing on one specific area in Ecuador. The Chocó is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, home to iconic and rare rainforest species, both critically endangered and new-to-science. The site Reserva is working to protect is home to some of the rarest, including a new frog species and the beautiful Fisher’s Phragmipedium orchid, the most endangered plant in Ecuador. He has joined a group of youth that are all working to raise money to project the land.

Our Plan

Justin is working with Reserva youth council to raise money to purchase the world’s first entirely youth-funded nature reserve. Justin aims to raise $730 to purchase one of the 244-acre piece of critical habitat for endangered species in Ecuador’s threatened Chocó cloud forest through their partner, Rainforest Trust. In September 2019, a small team from Reserva joined in-country partner Fundación EcoMinga to explore the site and photograph some of their partner’s scientific field research.

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