Milk Carton Recycling for School ’16

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    Forest Grove, Oregon
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The Problem

As part of the environmental adit we did last year for the Green Flag School program, we noticed how much waste there was in the lunch room. We decided that we could make a dent in this waste if we could find a way to recycle the hundreds of milk cartons thrown out daily. We hope to help the school become more aware of environmentally and reduce the waste we produce.

Our Plan

We have researched the issue and found that milk carton recycling is more difficult to do. Cartons must be sorted, washed, and recycled separately for other materials. We contacted Washington County Recycling and had their schools representative meet with us. Apparently, there had already been some negotiations about setting up a program at another school, so we were included. Partly because of our push, it has now been decided that a program will be set up in all schools in the district! We hope to be part of the negotiations. Unfortunately, because of the larger scope of the whole project, we most likely will not get to set up the program at our school this year. We are looking forward to helping make a larger difference for the whole district and community.

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The Benefit

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