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The Problem

Elders often feel left behind and forgotten. A news article reported that elderly have some of the highest depression rates, which might exacerbate their feeling of loneliness and lead to a lower life quality. Younger musicians sometimes are shy and have stage fright, and lack of opportunity to nurture their passion and love toward others in need. To close the gap between the elderly and the younger generation, I founded "Joys of Music" with a purpose of bringing multi-generations together and closer. I deeply believe music has special power to connect people across age, race, culture, and socio-economic status. The COVID-19 pandemic not only locked down senior living centers, the social distancing requirement also prohibited normal gathering and rehearsal of Joy of Music, to overcome this rising challenge, I creatively used the technology and came up with the idea of virtual music show by meticulous planning, organizing and video editing. I first plan the theme of each month, by incorporating the major events of the month into our program, for instance Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th, Chinese mid-Autumn festival in August, Labor's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and so on. Then volunteer participants are encouraged to draw a greeting card by hand, with their own creativity, artistry, and calligraphy, then they are expected to say a few words of encouragement, followed by their music performance with pieces selected to reflect the theme of the month. Once I receive all the greeting cards/ handcraft, and the music pieces, I organize all the greeting cards and music and edit them together to make it a whole performance. It takes time and energy for video editing.

Our Plan

Joy of Music started bringing live music to senior living centers since 2018. Since Pandemic last year, we switched from live music to virtual music on going basis. 1. we creates our own greeting cards and order online small gifts and cookies to be delivered to the elders. 2. we deliveries grocery/meal to our dear elderly couples. 3. we celebrate the 80th birthday of a lady in a creative way by playing live music on the lawn. 4. we have prepared and shared 22 virtual music shows with the elderly living centers across the nations and around the world to celebrate different seasons and to bring joy of music during this time. 5. The virtual music programs, gift drive and home-made greeting cards were contributed by volunteers from Nebraska and other states and some from overseas. Together, we serve over a thousand seniors. I work closely with Mrs. Gommermann, who is the president and founder of Orphans and Widows of Omaha, and sponsor for Senior Living Centers, to ensure the need from residents from senior living centers. I also keep active contact with Mrs. Stuart, who is the activity director at the Elk Ridge Village Senior Living Center, and I also maintain close contact with activity managers from other senior living centers whom we have served in the past three and a half years.

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The Benefit

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