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The Problem

The proposed littering campaign is to educate, incite action, and create practical solutions to the act of littering. Educating encapsulates an increase of awareness of the target subject; further, communication would focus on the implicit / explicit effects of littering within the context of ecology. Actions will be formulated through a lens motivations to volition; leveraging pathos and ethos will be used to provoke emotion that leads to action. Solutions will be cultivated to consider practicality, impact, and feasibility. Each target will utilize data from various sources to achieve their aim.

Our Plan

Promote resourcefulness and encourage creativity. Discourage single use plastic bottles and develop a simplistic informative curriculum that focuses on shaping a child's ideology centralized on the complexities of ecology. Actively engage the children in projects that communicates this idea that the smallest contribution has the capability of affecting our environment in a larger scale. These projects will involve the kids taking initiative in "eco gardening," (not limited to this creative alternative) teaching them valuable qualities that is beneficial to their development; responsibility, perspective, and determination.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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