Helping Nature’s Own Insect Repellant

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    Churchville, Pennsylvania
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The Problem

To help our local bat population whose numbers are dwindling due to encroachments on their natural habitats. Instead of using harmful chemicals (to both us and the environment), we hope to help nature's natural insect reducer - bats. I plan on getting the help of friends to make bat houses in our neighborhood to give bats homes in which to thrive. A female bat only has about one pup a year so we are trying to create a community where they will be able to survive.

Our Plan

Like most animals, bats are losing their environment. When I was younger, we would watch the bats fly around at night. One lived under the covering on our porch. But I noticed less and less bats flying around. I asked our local nature center and they said we are losing bats because they do not have suitable homes. Up to 20 bats can sleep in one small wooden shelter. So I asked my friends to help me build bat houses and we will get our local volunteers to install them both in our backyards and hopefully at the Nature Center as well! Again, bats usually only have one pup a year so we need to protect them now before we lose them forever!

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The Benefit

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