Establishing Urban Pollunators and Ecological Gardens

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    Salem, Oregon
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The Problem

This project is meant to fill the hearts of the community by providing a means for kids in middle to high school and some college students to improve their community by impacting the environment and spreading environmental awareness. This project is separated in to two similar and interactive projects. The first focuses on pollinators and the environmental degregation that accompanies the declining population of bees and other pollinators. The kids here join with the local food share and design and integrate their own ideas as to what they want to do. The second project focuses around the idea of permaculture and conservation of the environment. It is integrated into both Salem and Portland, Oregon. It integrates youth into the project planning of creating permaculture gardens and restoration of the environment. The most beautiful and fulfilling things about these projects is the encouragement with the youth that will give them a purpose in the community and give them idea about their future. Both of these projects are mainly designed by the you and center around restoration for the environment in their community and the integration of this restoration into food production.

Our Plan

Our two projects will be carried out by youth throughout the spring and into future years. We hope that they will be carried out by future youth to impact their lives as well. The main idea of the pollinator project is to educate the community and help restore the population of pollinators in our community. This project is mainly located on the Marion Polk Food Share Youth Farm in Salem, Oregon which gives the kids a good amount of support and space to create their project. The first step in their process has been to plan the attraction of pollinators and the placement as to where this will be carried out. They spend much of their week dedicating free time to the development of this project and will soon begin to educate the public about the pollinators and their importance. The second project is just blooming. It has a very broad ideology of creating a permaculture garden free to youth volunteers and hungry members of the community as well as providing habitat and restoration for the ecology of the area. It is in the planning process and will soon be carried out in the two areas of Oregon partnering with different agencies in its development. This project is meant to take a large amount of time to build a foundation because we hope that it will survive for many years to come.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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