Donate Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs to the Local Food Pantry

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    Vass, North Carolina
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The Problem

My family and I own many chickens and always have more than enough eggs. Our town has a local food pantry that we have decided to give fresh, organic chicken eggs to help. There are always hungry people who need more food than the pantry can spare. We have been selfish to not take advantage of our surplus and share our blessings. As a family, we preach and say kindness is important. We TALK about being compassionate but have never actually taken the time to SHOW our compassion as an action. Now, we will give back to our community and help others. So what I would like to see is people enjoying our chicken eggs without worrying about payment and just being happy.

Our Plan

Meet with food bank coordinator for approval to donate eggs. Purchase egg cartons. Gather and clean eggs for arrival on food bank. Keep track of eggs donated. Care for chickens to continue supply of eggs.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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