Do You Know How Your Food (Animal) is Being Treated?

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The Problem

Through my Instagram Account and other social media, I use the account to show people what happens to animals bred to be food. Many are badly hurt and mistreated. I do not eat animals but what little life they have, should not be filled with neglect or abuse. Also, animal products show up in many of the strangest places. I only just learned that a calf's stomach parts are used in producing many cheeses. The product is termed Rennet which does not sound like animal. I was eating cheese without ever knowing that part of an animal was IN the product. Again, I use my online accounts to let people know this. Perhaps if we know we are eating these products, some will choose the one without the animal product. I learned that a vegetable rennet is often used in the United States as well. And it costs producers less!

Our Plan

I have included photos that I find from other sources like PETA and Vegan Alliance. I believe if people know this information they will make more informed decisions and not purchase foods with these products. Who knew that while eating Parmesan Cheese, one was actually eating a baby cow's stomach? And if we saw how badly some of our animals were being treated, it would move others to not eat them at all or at the very least fight for better care.

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