Adopting a Foster Family for Christmas

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    Houston, Texas
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The Problem

Our club members thought about people within our community, different kinds of families, and the different ways families celebrate during the holidays. They engaged in discussions about foster care and why families might need help purchasing Christmas presents. Using information provided to us by the foster care organization, the club members found gifts that the family requested.

Our Plan

Our project used a local organization called Casa de Esperanza. This organization serves at-risk infants, children and their families by providing comprehensive residential and family support programs. We participated in a "family adoption" campaign in which we were assigned a child and given basic information about them, including a list of wishes and needs. The group was given a budget for the items. After finding gifts from our given list, the group met to assess which items to buy according to the budget. Items were purchased. Once we received the items, the group members wrapped them according to instructions. A group representative then dropped off the package at the Casa de Esperanza intake office.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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