2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA
Nature and all livings things are undeniably intertwined. Spreading hope and sharing solutions to problems is how I aim to proactively make a difference.”

Grade: College—sophomore

History with Roots & Shoots: Five years with Roots & Shoots; RSYC member 2019-2023

Virginia is from Richmond, VA, and she is pushing for the elimination of single-use plastics at college in her home state. While the last couple years of her time on the council have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, she has continued with her Single-Use Plastic challenge and found inspiration from her fellow council members, even joining in to provide support on some of their projects! Her all-time favorite Roots & Shoots project was Elpis Art, which involved drawing designs onto cards to sell and raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute. Her current Roots & Shoots project is her July Single-Use Plastic Challenge. By spreading awareness through social media, Virginia has been able to reach a wide range of people and challenge them to lessen single-use plastics in their lives. Outside of being an environmental action influencer, Virginia is a competitive rock climber who has been competing for almost 7 years.

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