Victoria “Vicky” S.

National Youth Leadership Council
“I am also a natural-born leader with a teamwork mentality, and I will contribute a multitude of efforts, never ceasing to do the best I can do.”

Grade: Junior in Huntington, New York

History with Roots & Shoots:  Two years with Roots & Shoots

Vicky is a Junior from Huntingdon, New York. This is her first year on the National Youth Leadership Council. Her favorite Roots & Shoots project has been Books For Change, inspired by her grandmother. This project collects books and donates them to cancer hospitals and research centers. Growing up near the water, Vicky also enjoys participating in beach cleanups and workshops hosted by Friends of the Bay every week. Vicky is passionate about human rights initiatives and uses her optimism, teamwork, and leadership skills to build systems that improve the lives of others.  In addition to her work with Roots & Shoots, Vicky has also been admitted into a Pre-university program of Columbia studying the Law of Race, Class, Poverty, and Power.

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