National Youth Leadership Council
“For as long as I can remember, nature has always captivated me, with its dancing butterflies and thrashing rapids and intimately connected web of people, animals, and ecosystems.”

Grade: Sophomore at University of Texas

Roots & Shoots History: Two year with Roots & Shoots

Vaidehi is a sophomore at University of Texas. This is her second year on the National youth Leadership Council. Her favorite Roots & Shoots project has been hosting a session with Disney’s Big Green Draw event, where she gave a presentation on Roots & Shoots and being hopeful for the future. This project challenged and inspired her to create content that is easy to understand for everyone while keeping it fun, lighthearted, and inspiring! Having seen firsthand the challenges girls face while pursuing STEM, Vaidehi develops educational and empowering materials to help ensure everyone, especially girls, can pursue their interests freely! Her passions include promoting environmental awareness, broadening the reach of STEM, and finding the good (and the fun) in everything!

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