Rhea K.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Youth Council
“Start small! Your first project does not have to be monumental. Do something that you believe will make your life or community better. It helps to start at a small level before going bigger.”

Grade: College—sophomore

Roots & Shoots History: Five years with Roots & Shoots; RSYC member 2019-2023

Rhea’s hometown is Morganville, New Jersey, and she is now attending college in Pennsylvania, where she is engaging her community in living sustainably. During her time on the council, hearing about the amazing projects that other members have done has inspired her to continue working towards her goals, and she has grown her impact with their encouragement. Her all-time favorite Roots & Shoots project was “The Homework Brigade,” in which she helped students get through virtual school by pairing them with high school volunteer tutors. Thanks to feedback from parents and other tutors who were part of the program, she could really see the impact of this work! Now, Rhea is turning her attention to sustainable living by encouraging students at her university to use reusable mugs at coffee shops through a reward system, thereby reducing waste created by single-use plastic cups. Rhea is also an avid dancer, and she enjoys reading books and watching movies to recharge for the week.

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