Rachel L.

National Youth Leadership Council
“Roots & Shoots been a great experience for me because I have learned to listen to others’ opinions and I’ve learned how to make a difference for what I believe.”

Grade: Senior in Los Angeles, California

History with Roots & Shoots: Five years with Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots Groups: Hamilton Roots & Shoots

Rachel is a senior in Los Angles, California. This is her fifth year on the National Youth Leadership Council. Rachel’s favorite project comes every Thanksgiving, when Rachel invites her community to make snack bags for the Downtown Women’s Center. They make over 100 healthy lunches for women and children who are formerly or currently homeless. Rachel enjoys volunteering at the Book Truck where she is the president of the teen council. The Book Truck gives free books at events to teenagers in communities with high rates of foster youth and homeless youth, increasing literacy rates in the county. Rachel is an avid reader and strives to share her love of reading with others. She has also coordinated a project with her school Roots & Shoots club to make greeting cards for quarantining seniors, distributing them with Meals on Wheels in the community.



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