Neuveaux Williams

Program Coordinator of Roots & Shoots

“I believe listening to diverse stories makes us better able to address the world’s most pressing issues. My mission at Roots & Shoots is to empower all youth to boldly use their voice and take action in their community.”

Location: Virginia

Roots & Shoots History: Joined the Roots & Shoots program in 2019

Position Title: Program Coordinator of Roots & Shoots

When you email Roots & Shoots to share your story or ask how to get started – I will be there to answer! One of my favorite parts of the job is connecting our global movement of compassionate leaders to the resources they need to make real-world change. Roots & Shoots is a place for you to show up as yourself, and know that whatever you are passionate about is important. I want to hear from you, and find out what you care about!

Together we will build a better world by being bold, being kind, and doing good.

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