Margaret “Marge” N. 

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA
“The natural world constantly inspires me and pushes me to be a better observer and listener.”

Grade: Junior in Osceola, Wisconsin

History with Roots & Shoots: First year with Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots Group: St. Croix Valley Sustainability Club

Marge is a junior from Osceola, Wisconsin. This is her first year on the National Youth Leadership Council. Her favorite Roots & Shoots project is a monthly trash pick-up because it allows her to get to know community members and enjoy the outdoors while combating plastic pollution. Marge finds this project particularly inspiring since it is a tangible example of the difference an individual can make, especially when joined by a community of change-makers. Marge recognizes the power and importance of the environment and believes our best tool in protecting it is education. In addition to her work with Roots & Shoots, she is a student representative of Standing Cedars Land Conservancy, musician, and Sunday school teacher with her local church. Marge enjoys playing the saxophone and fiddle, running, hiking, cross-country skiing, biking, kayaking, and working with young people.

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