Madaileine G.

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA

State: California
Years on RSYC: 2019–2024

Maddy is a bright young leader committed to doing good through environmental projects and leadership.

Maddy’s primary focus is “The Thriving Hive Project,” through which she advocates and fundraises for local pollinators.

Through public speaking and outreach, she educates peers and community members on the importance of honeybees and native bees. Maddy raises funds for pollinators by selling merchandise and establishes drought-resistant pollinator gardens, fostering awareness and sustainability. She has embraced a public-facing leadership role in her endeavors.

Beyond her commitment to Roots & Shoots, Maddy plays water polo, volunteers at local nonprofits, and enjoys relaxing with feel-good movies.

Reflecting on what keeps her so upbeat, Maddy shares: “As long as I continue to do good and put positive energy in the world, I know I can expect wonderful things to come!”

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