Kamilah Martin

Vice President of Roots & Shoots

“It’s my hope each time I speak with a young person, that—if nothing else—they walk away feeling heard and empowered.”

Location: Orlando, Florida

Roots & Shoots History: Joined the Roots & Shoots program in 2012

Position Title: Vice President of Roots & Shoots

I have two major responsibilities in this role: scale and impact. I’m responsible for leading the successful implementation of the program’s strategic plan and managing all internal and external partnerships and relationships that help us reach our programmatic and financial goals. I’ve also been a beneficiary of programs, and internships, and fellowships since I was in the 4th grade and have seen how being a part of things that challenge you and expose you to new people, places, and ideas can shape your life.  It has really been my purpose to bring those kinds of experiences in whatever ways I can to as many young people as I can…to help young people—as Jane says—use the gift of their lives to make a difference.

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