Everett N.

National Youth Leadership Council
“I want to celebrate and help kids understand, people are different- they’re different- and it’s not a bad thing.”

Grade: Freshman at Michigan State University

History with Roots & Shoots: Five years with Roots & Shoots

Everett is from Dexter, MI and attends Michigan State University! This is his fifth year with the National Youth Leadership Council. Everett runs an organization called Good Spokes with the goal of using passion to create change. He sells art prints and pieces to raise money for national and local non-profit organizations. Through this, Good Spokes has raised over $5,500 that has helped better the wellbeing of people, animals, and the environment! He also spent his summers at the Leslie Science and Nature Center camps, leading volunteers and helping kids discover nature so they’ll be more likely to protect it. He loves art, anything that gets him outside, and spending time with pets and family.


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