Claire G.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Youth Council

“Roots & Shoots has taught me that my voice has power. All of my projects have helped me gain confidence, which has led to a greater impact on my community. I am proud of my growth as an advocate and am grateful for the mentorship Roots & Shoots has given me.” 

Grade: High school—12th grade

History with Roots & Shoots: Eight years with Roots & Shoots; RSYC member 2019-2023

Claire is from Orlando, Florida, and she is resolved to make insulin accessible for everyone who needs it. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on her Roots & Shoots project, but she found that being a part of the council was something that kept her going during lockdown— “it’s always very inspiring to hear what my fellow council members are working on!” Her favorite Roots & Shoots project was fellow council member Maddy’s Thriving Hive project, which Claire helped with by taking photos of the bee guests! Even so, her focus has remained insulin rationing and price gauging, and she has worked closely with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Congresswoman Val Demings to share information with communities on the complexities of insulin distribution. Outside of this valuable work, Claire likes to relax by playing with her cats, going for a drive, or getting in some exercise in the great outdoors.

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