Anna G. 

National Youth Leadership Council
“This is what I’m going to do now and when I grow up. I want to help the earth.”

Grade: Freshman in Nolensville, Tennessee

History with Roots & Shoots: One year with Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots Group: Sustain Secure Save

Anna is a freshman from Nolensville, Tennessee. This is her first year on the National Youth Leadership Council. Her favorite Roots & Shoots project has been Milkweed for Monarchs. After learning about the importance of milkweed to the endangered monarch butterfly, Anna planted milkweed bushes in her community. She is passionate about helping her community and the environment and hopes to combine her love of art with new projects that help the environment and making a difference in the natural world. In addition to her work on the NYLC, Anna volunteers at a small business in her community, runs her own philanthropic Esty shop, sits on student council, and serves on her school’s Hope Squad, a group dedicated to decreasing mental illness levels in students. In her spare time, Anna enjoys running, playing piano, time with her pets, painting, drawing, and sewing.

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