Anna G. 

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Youth Council
“The biggest challenge was starting a group and project. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to reach out for guidance, so I did it on my own. Because of this, it took very long for my project to begin and I felt very lost. I’ve learned that all members are learning and growing in Roots & Shoots just like me, and I can always reach out.”

Grade: High school—12th grade

History with Roots & Shoots: Two years with Roots & Shoots; RSYC member 2021-2023

Roots & Shoots Group: 🔗 Greenstars

Anna is from Nolensville, Tennessee, and she is bridging the gap in environmental education through peer learning. In her time on the council, she has grown into her confidence as a youth leader and Roots & Shoots ambassador. Though she was intimidated by some of the projects her fellow council members started, she soon learned that everyone started somewhere, and having passion was the first step. She started her Roots & Shoots group, Greenstars, and they go to their affiliated elementary school to teach students about the environment. In doing so, younger students learn more about how they can make a difference, and older students gain valuable experience mentoring future advocates! In her free time, Anna practices krav maga—a form of self-defense martial art—as well as art and piano! But of course, nothing is more relaxing than crocheting while watching a movie with her dog.

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