Anna G. 

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA

State: Tennessee

Years on RSYC: 2021-2024

Anna is passionate about bridging the gap in environmental education through the power of peer learning. During her tenure on the council, Anna has blossomed into a confident and influential Roots & Shoots ambassador.

At her high school, Anna established the Greenstars Roots & Shoots group, which engages elementary school students in activities about the environment.

This approach not only instills a sense of responsibility in younger students but also provides her fellow Roots & Shoots group members with valuable experience as mentors, nurturing future advocates. Anna attended the RSYC Summit this past year, which gave her the skills to expand the work of her Greenstars group.

Beyond her environmental endeavors, Anna belongs to art clubs and honor societies at her high school, plays piano, and holds a part time job.

About Roots & Shoots, Anna says: “I couldn’t imagine a more inspired group of people!”

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