Over the last several months, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council has been promoting a special campaign to encourage and promote projects that protect wildlife and wild places in national parks across the United States. Their campaign included a video contest inviting students to discuss a project they would like to do to support a local national park.

Three common themes among the project ideas included:

  • Maintaining and improving trails within parks to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the full wonder and beauty of the park when they visit;
  • Removing plants that do not belong in the parks (they were brought there by accident) that are making it difficult for other important native plants to grow; and
  • Raising awareness about the wildlife that inhabit the parks, how people can peacefully coexist with them and how communities can work together to protect them.

Watch the video playlist below to see the winning videos that were submitted for the campaign, and this Earth Day, consider visiting a national park near you where you can join in the effort to protect and support these wild places and the wildlife who inhabit them.

Resources for Connecting With a Park Near You: