Planning, organizing, and completing a Roots & Shoots service campaign can be a daunting task, especially when time is limited - as is the case for most educators. In order to support the community of Roots & Shoots educators and group leaders, a “roadmap” has been provided to include a structured timeline into the Roots & Shoots campaign process. Although Roots & Shoots campaigns can be organized and completed on ANY timeline, the new 10-week campaign and 25-week campaign example timelines are sure to encourage any group who desires a more standardized approach.

In order to better prepare educators and group leaders to complete a successful service campaign, the example timelines set timeframes and goals to the four steps from the Roots & Shoots FormulaEngage, Community Mapping, Take Action, and Celebrate.

By providing potential timeframes, actions, and outcomes, the example timelines will keep educators focused and students motivated. Roots & Shoots service campaigns can be a rewarding part of any student’s education and the example timelines will help educators visualize that reality for themselves. 

10-Week Timeline
  25-Week Timeline