We will start gathering recyclable materials from homes (wood, cardboard boxes, used paint, clothing, storage bins, etc.), make a thorough plan of the shelter and which animal it is targeted for and start building.
Source of clean air and honey,am using my savings to fund the project
Create your trypthcs to inform neighbors of the prizes and after two weeks you will be give the prizes
Reduce our carbon footprint, create new habitats for wildlife, link young people with nature
Czech Republic
We will create a "Bin the Can" awareness campaign, starting in September 2017 with our Grade 7 students leading the way. We will add new bins for recycling metal cans. We can then try and sell our collections and donate the money to our local charities.
Through local organizations and their outreach program we will be selecting the neediest orphanages and delivering hand made dolls for toddlers.
We will raise awareness about the issue of stray cats in our community and research ways we may be able to address it.
United States
Each fall, we collect wild milkweed seeds from around the county and scatter them in the unmowed grassland areas around the Geneva Community Center. Each July, during flowering, we use maps and GPS to census our plants and plan where to scatter seeds next fall. We also check for monarch caterpillars.
- Contact the refuge dog home and ask if they will accept our donation (completed!) - Asked the art teacher if we can use the art room and if she could be a supervisor (also completed!) - Create designs fro possible dog toys we could make (completed!) - Collect recyclable materials to make some dog toys according to our designs (in process) - Organise a time for people to come help out to make some dog toys which they can receive service hours from -Conduct workshops once a week after school for an hour and a half for 3 weeks -Donate the dog toys to Shenton park!
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