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Project in progress

What is your wish for this project?

We are working to create a community garden on our high school campus. Our goal is for it to be community plots leased for the season and run by a community member. Our club will build and take care of the yearly spring build up and fall clean up. The garden will be built on unused land next to our school. It is visible from the road that passes the school and accessible from student parking in our building.

How are you going to do it?

Our project will bring food production to our campus, and be a wonderful addition to the freight farm vertical hydroponic farm we will be running near it. It will bridge the school to community gap by bringing the community onto campus. Our project has the added bonus of bringing some interest and landscape to a drab Colorado school landscape! We intend to surround the garden with native flowering plants to bring pollinators, and bird houses to attract bluebirds.