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What is your wish for this project?

Our wish for our project is to research raising chickens, build a chicken coop in our campus barnyard, and raise hens to lay fresh eggs. The students will start a small business selling the eggs. The fresh eggs that our hens lay will be sold to our Riverfield families and teachers. The money we make will go back to the barnyard to help our animals. We have a llama, alpacas, goats, a donkey, miniature horses, a goose, a mule, chickens, and a new baby horse in our barnyard.

How did it go?

At the beginning of 2015-2016 school year, we ordered and built the Poultry Palace, measured an area in the barnyard and installed a fence, and continued planning a small business and how to sell the fresh eggs to our families and faculty. Finally, we got our 5 new chickens, thanks to the kind people from Grogg's Green Barn. It was one exciting day! Three local news stations visited our barnyard and campus to greet the chickens, we set up their supplies, food and water, and laid out sand more