The Fund II Roots & Shoots National Fellowship opportunity is provided by the Fund II Foundation.The Foundation’s mission is to preserve the African-American experience; safeguard human rights; provide music education; preserve the environment while promoting the benefits of the outdoors; and sustain critical American values such as entrepreneurialism. Fund II is committed to exposing vulnerable and minority populations to the benefits of outdoor experiences.


The Fund II Roots & Shoots National Fellowship has been designed to provide an opportunity for U.S.-based young people of color (or those with a commitment to serving youth of color in communities of need) to complete community-focused projects that help foster respect and compassion for all living beings, promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and inspire individuals to take action to make the world a better place for people, other animals, and the environment.


The program welcomes U.S. part-time or full-time undergraduate, graduate, or gap year students ages 18-24 who are dedicated to social justice and/or environmental issues to apply for this opportunity.




Fellows will receive virtual one-on-one leadership coaching, professional development opportunities and support in the implementation of the community action project.


Fellows will be expected to propose and work towards the completion of a personal community action project. Fellows will be provided with a $3,000 stipend. $1,500 of the stipend will be supplied at the start of the fellowship and $1,500 in January as long as commitments are met and Fellow remains in good standing. Stipends may be used to offset working hours used towards the completion of the community action project or to be used to facilitate the actual project.



Fellowship Commitments


Available to serve full Fellowship term through May 2019


Learn the Roots & Shoots model of service learning


Over the course of the term, each fellow will be responsible for completing a community action project that engages 100 youth, or has the potential to engage 100 youth. The campaign should encourage young people to take action in their community using the R&S 4-step model to benefit people, animals, and/ or the environment.


Available to attend and participate in monthly, virtual professional development seminars (one per month- either the 2nd or 4th Monday of the Month). Each call is approximately one hour in duration


Ability to receive, read, and respond to Fund II Fellowship emails and social media posts


Agree to adhere to monthly project and service hour reporting requirements


If available, participate in regional outreach, events, conferences, and campaigns, including presentations to the general public, schools and partners


Complete a free online course through Coursera. The course is beginner level, 5-6 weeks of study, 2-6 hours/week. The course is designed to go at your own pace, so it may be completed sooner.  Roots & Shoots 101- Compassionate Leadership Through Service Learning with Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots


Must be a part-time or full-time undergraduate, graduate, or gap year student age 18-24,


Be a U.S. Resident,


Have experience (or interest) in working with underserved communities,


Past experience with the Jane Goodall Institute and/or the Roots & Shoots program is not a requirement for fellowship participation, but the Roots & Shoots model must be a component of the approved fellowship project


An introduction to the overall program and ideas on to how to incorporate components will be available to those without prior knowledge of the program, but all applicants are invited to visit and explore the Roots & Shoots website.

An ideal fellow will have:

Excellent oral and verbal communication skills

Excellent time management capabilities

Exemplary work ethic

Confidence in facilitating workshops and initiating discussions

Ability to succeed working remotely and independently

Ability to work well with others

Ability to self-reflect

Ability to set and achieve personal measurable goals

Note that applications will include attaching or copying and pasting an abstract proposal for a community action project that the Fellow plans to facilitate during the Fellowship term


  • Sample Community Action Project proposals can be found here
  • Your project should plan to incorporate a community map. Previous experience with community mapping is not required as it will be covered during the Fellowship term, but resources on community mapping can be found here if you would like an introduction.



For your reference, the following will be requested as part of the application:



About You

Please briefly introduce yourself and your home/ local community.


Describe the community issue you are passionate about addressing and why.


How will this fellowship and your proposed project further your personal and professional goals?


Community Action Project Proposal

Describe the community outreach project you plan to execute through the fellowship. Please make sure to address ALL of the following aspects:


Methodology for implementing your project


The community intended to benefit from your proposal


Identification of potential partners, other organizations, co-advisor(s) and/or consultant(s)




Budget and how it will be funded

  • Fellows receive a $3,000 stipend. The stipend can be used to cover cost of the overall proposed project(s) and/or to offset the cost of facilitating the proposed project
  • In addition, each Fellow will have the opportunity to distribute five $200 mini-grants towards community projects that meet the Roots & Shoots criteria.

How does your proposal foster/promote/carry the mission of Roots & Shoots?


How will you measure your project’s success and know that you have achieved what you set out to accomplish?


Is your project sustainable? If yes, how do you plan to make it so? If no, what long lasting effects do you hope to accomplish through the project?



Names and email addresses of two people familiar with your work (outside of familial references)


A Bio and Picture Will Be Requested.



Application Timeline

  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis.