From November 30th through December 11th, Heads of State from around the world will meet in Paris to discuss climate change and climate mitigation strategies. Dr. Jane Goodall will also attend COP21 to continue to spread her message of hope for our planet. This is the 21st annual meeting of all countries which are committed to take action against climate change. As global CO2 levels continue to rise, the opportunity for world leaders to come together as a United Planet is not only an occasion to be carefully followed, but also widely celebrated. 

Here are a few actions you can take to celebrate COP21…

  1. Write to your country’s representative.
    Do you have an idea about how your country can mitigate the effects of climate change? Let your representative know! Climate change impacts every individual and every individual must play a role in order to cool the planet. Find your country’s representative here and let your voice be heard.

  2. Get in the know — watch this film: 
    The film, Racing Extinction, will premiere December 2nd at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. Featuring Dr. Jane, the film discusses global climate change, wildlife trade, and mass animal extinction. Watch the trailer for the film here, and get involved with the social media campaign by using the hashtag #StartWith1Thing.

  3. Join the conversation! Post about your hopes for COP21 on social media.
    Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be buzzing with climate change activity over the next couple of weeks. Don’t be left out of the discussion! Share an image or message to convey your hope for cooperation among world leaders, concrete mitigation strategies, and a healthy planet to result from the meetings during COP21. Use the hashtag #COP21Paris to stay up-to-date with news on social media.

  4. Start a new Roots & Shoots campaign.
    Begin a new project with your Roots & Shoots group that focuses on climate change. Plant a flowerbed in your backyard, organize a trash clean-up at your school, or implement more recycling bins in your community. The possibilities to better the planet are endless. Search the Roots & Shoots Project Database to find inspiration for your next campaign and get started at

Large-scale global events that address issues of climate change, such as COP21, deserve our attention, scrutiny, and support. World leaders must know we are watching, anticipating, and celebrating their successes. By getting personally involved, you are setting the stage for the next generation of climate activists. Own your power to make a difference for the planet and encourage others to do so with you.